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    We are experiencing troubles with|in a|the tube(s). Please help us diagnosis this issue by verifying https://dave.thehorners.com/ is responding and displaying properly for you on your device. At this time, the main host is still


    https cert is NOT locked on either http(s)! disturbance in the force. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    it should work but lock may not show green and secure; that is expected. If you can't get to secure sites, please use http://dave.thehorners.com/. If your ISP has restrictions to certain sites, consider another provider or another VPN. Life is too short and precious to be controlled and manipulated. I pray for ALL those people who are endure under censor and control; This is the Land of the Free and the Home of The Brave....the always on always connected multi-verse Internet right?! What's your locale like? I hope it's not oppressive. See here, a beautiful view from satellite(s) below. God Speed; and Good Luck.


    Ppl of the Internet. Right now, dave.thehorners.com is unavailable on the *[LTE AT&T network] (outage has been persistent for a long while; last personal report to ATT with no response 11/11/2018)

    I don' t know if it is an outage or what; but please do a tracert from your device and request access to dave.thehorners.com if it doesn't route from your ISP (at this time I only KNOW that LTE ATT is affected if you find otherwise, please post proof in deepdream. I was told 24 hours; but that was days and days ago. I would be interested in the help...frustrating figuring out a routing|sensor|censor problem. I will remove this message from my site when LTE is routing again from my phone. [DOWN NETWORK QUICK ACCESS NOTES] AT&T LTE - Customer service: 1 (800) 331-0500
    Pardon|Thank you|Merci|Gracias

    My current preferred deep dream site(s) are: fibFile dave.thehorners.com My last 3 deep dreams were:(b0caa;5141d;bcab1) the current time is 11/17/2018 at 01:56
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    If you are reading these bytes and you didn't have to hop around N+1 nodes to anon and make things confusing.....CONGRATULATIONS you're blessed to be free. Thank|Pardon|Garcias someone. It didn't happen by itself.
    and now back to the strange loop perspective of just another.

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    our entire universe; minuscule spec in gigantic multiverse which is mostly lethal.

    Premature optimization is the root of all evil (or at least most of it) in programming. -- Donald Knuth

    ahk autohotkey

    Sunday, 16 June 2013 22:12
    AutoHotkey - Fast scriptable desktop automation with hotkeys
    List of Keys and Mouse/Joystick Buttons for Hotkeys and Macros
    Daniel Schroeder's Programming Blog » AutoHotkey
    AHK Command Picker - Home - An AutoHotkey (AHK) script that allows you to easily call AHK functions to run other AHK scripts. (Requires AutoHotkey_L).
    Slanter's AHK Stuff
    Slanter's AHK Stuff: AHK - Random Mouse Path (MouseMove)
    Slanter's AHK Stuff: AHK - A simple auto-clicker
    theborg3of5/ahk - A personal repository for my collection of AutoHotkey scripts.
    everything - Everything you could possibly imagine, and then some. - Google Project Hosting
    ronjouch / ronj-autohotkey.ahk - gist - Collection of AutoHotkey scripts I use

    Daniel Schroeder's Programming Blog » Get AutoHotkey To Interact With Admin Windows Without Running AHK Script As Admin
    Daniel Schroeder's Programming Blog » Get AutoHotkey Script To Run As Admin At Startup

    Alt+tab mapping isn't working anymore in Windows 8 - Issues - AutoHotkey Community
    How can I emulate Alt-Tab function on Win 8 using AHK? - Support - AutoHotkey Community - alternative? Send !{ESC}

    Change autohotkey default editor

    Notepad, just isn't cutting it.
    How to change AutoHotKey default editor - Page 2 - Support - AutoHotkey Community
    I'm fond of the AHK solution, which, I remind you, will require Admin priv.
    FileSelectFile, SelectedFile, 3, , Open a file, Executable (*.exe)
    if SelectedFile =
        MsgBox, User cancelled, no actions taken.
    	RegWrite, REG_SZ, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, AutoHotkeyScript\Shell\Edit\Command,, "%SelectedFile%" "`%1"

    AHK syntax highlighting support

    Autohotkey editor - Stack Overflow
    AutoHotkey SyntaxHighlight for Notepad++ - Utilities - AutoHotkey Community
    SciTE4AutoHotkey - SciTE distribution designed for AutoHotkey.

    AHK autohotkey development threads and links

    ToolTip which follows the mouse is flickering - Support - AutoHotkey Community
    Get paths of selected items in an explorer window - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community
    Send email through GMail using mailsend - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community

    ahk autohotkey accssibility and com links

    Accessible Info Viewer - Alpha Release (2012-09-20) - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community
    Acc Library [AHK_L] (updated 09/27/2012) - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community
    Accessibility Standard Library - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community - Active Accessibility with ACC.ahk Accessibility Standard Library and COM.ahk, (middle mouse button on the paragraph you want to read.)
    neptercn/UIAutomation - Class-Wrapped UI Automation
    COM Standard Library - Page 44 - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community

    activate the window currently under mouse cursor?

    How to activate the window currently under mouse cursor? - Support - AutoHotkey Community
    MouseGetPos,,, hwnd 
    WinActivate, ahk_id %hwnd%

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