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ahk autohotkey

Sunday, 16 June 2013 22:12
AutoHotkey - Fast scriptable desktop automation with hotkeys
List of Keys and Mouse/Joystick Buttons for Hotkeys and Macros
Daniel Schroeder's Programming Blog » AutoHotkey
AHK Command Picker - Home - An AutoHotkey (AHK) script that allows you to easily call AHK functions to run other AHK scripts. (Requires AutoHotkey_L).
Slanter's AHK Stuff
Slanter's AHK Stuff: AHK - Random Mouse Path (MouseMove)
Slanter's AHK Stuff: AHK - A simple auto-clicker
theborg3of5/ahk - A personal repository for my collection of AutoHotkey scripts.
everything - Everything you could possibly imagine, and then some. - Google Project Hosting
ronjouch / ronj-autohotkey.ahk - gist - Collection of AutoHotkey scripts I use

Daniel Schroeder's Programming Blog » Get AutoHotkey To Interact With Admin Windows Without Running AHK Script As Admin
Daniel Schroeder's Programming Blog » Get AutoHotkey Script To Run As Admin At Startup

Alt+tab mapping isn't working anymore in Windows 8 - Issues - AutoHotkey Community
How can I emulate Alt-Tab function on Win 8 using AHK? - Support - AutoHotkey Community - alternative? Send !{ESC}

Change autohotkey default editor

Notepad, just isn't cutting it.
How to change AutoHotKey default editor - Page 2 - Support - AutoHotkey Community
I'm fond of the AHK solution, which, I remind you, will require Admin priv.
FileSelectFile, SelectedFile, 3, , Open a file, Executable (*.exe)
if SelectedFile =
    MsgBox, User cancelled, no actions taken.
	RegWrite, REG_SZ, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, AutoHotkeyScript\Shell\Edit\Command,, "%SelectedFile%" "`%1"

AHK syntax highlighting support

Autohotkey editor - Stack Overflow
AutoHotkey SyntaxHighlight for Notepad++ - Utilities - AutoHotkey Community
SciTE4AutoHotkey - SciTE distribution designed for AutoHotkey.

AHK autohotkey development threads and links

ToolTip which follows the mouse is flickering - Support - AutoHotkey Community
Get paths of selected items in an explorer window - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community
Send email through GMail using mailsend - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community

ahk autohotkey accssibility and com links

Accessible Info Viewer - Alpha Release (2012-09-20) - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community
Acc Library [AHK_L] (updated 09/27/2012) - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community
Accessibility Standard Library - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community - Active Accessibility with ACC.ahk Accessibility Standard Library and COM.ahk, (middle mouse button on the paragraph you want to read.)
neptercn/UIAutomation - Class-Wrapped UI Automation
COM Standard Library - Page 44 - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community

activate the window currently under mouse cursor?

How to activate the window currently under mouse cursor? - Support - AutoHotkey Community
MouseGetPos,,, hwnd 
WinActivate, ahk_id %hwnd%
Move on idle; stop lock/screensaver.
SetTimer, MouseMoveIdle

if(A_TimeIdle > 5999) {
		MouseMove, 1, 1,, R
		MouseMove, -1,-1,,R

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