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    moon and stars
    how did u find my site?

    onomastics (seen in code)

    I have discovered a truly remarkable proof which this margin is too small to contain.
    -- Pierre de Fermat
    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,...
    xn = xn-1 + xn-2


    Tuesday, 14 August 2012 17:36
    cheap,efficient,little computers that just need a nice Human-Machine Interface(HMI).
    who say's you need to pick just one?

    Hack a Day
    Design Ideas | EDN
    Debounce Code – one post to rule them all - Hack a Day
    dangerousprototypes - Products
    My Life as a Tinkerer
    Free TI MSP430 MCU Source Code and Examples download-- Texas Instruments microprocessor firmware design source - blog of Frank Tu in Toronto, Canada
    akirasrebirth - awesome blog, video circuit benders.
    Code and Life
    Code and Life – Turning PC On with a Knock Using ATtiny45 and a Piezoelectric Sensor
    Fix It Until It's Broken

    Switches. hittin' switches.

    MSP430's port-interrupt-request logic helps debounce contacts | EDN
    Using the Switches | Benn Thomsen Switch debouncing | Benn Thomsen - poll and debounce(WDT) the switches (S1 and S2) using MSP430 launchpad
    MSP430 LaunchPad PushButton - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki

    SSRs Solid State Relay

    MSP430 Projects - KISS Thermostat - using msp430's internal temp and a Futek SSR-40Amp. simple single button hysteresis control, writes on and off setting in flash.
    MSP430 Microcontrollers: MSP430 Project: Double-Kettle Electronic Brewing System - element14

    PC Speakers

    Playing The Imperial March - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki
    a trastear un poco » Blog Archive » Playing music with msp430 launchpad - mission impossible.


    LaunchPad controlling up to 8 RC Servos - Projects - 43oh
    Using the TI MSP430G2553 to Build a Serial Six Channel RC Servo Controller - MSP430™ Microcontroller Projects - Microcontroller Projects - TI E2E Community

    Dallas 1-wire

    Overview of iButton Sensors and Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers - Maxim
    iButton: 1-Wire Public Domain Kit - Maxim - 20 sample 1-Wire/iButton applications, all written in C.
    OneWire Arduino Library, connecting 1-wire devices (DS18S20, etc) to Teensy - some people call this OneWire 2...
    Dallas Temperature Control Library - Miles Burton - Innovative engineering for pretty much anything - Arduino
    1-Wire and MSP430 | welcome to the world of...
    dsiroky/OneWire · GitHub - msp430-gcc
    Illustrated guide to interfacing Maxim OneWire to the Launchpad | Four-Three-Oh!

    DHTxx temp and humidity sensors

    Overview | DHTxx Sensors | Adafruit Learning System
    Connecting to a DHTxx Sensor | DHTxx Sensors | Adafruit Learning System
    DHT11 basic temperature-humidity sensor + extras ID: 386 - $5.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
    DHT22 temperature-humidity sensor + extras ID: 385 - $12.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
    bafeigum/DHT11-Library-for-MSP430 · GitHub
    Candrian Haris Andrianakis » DHT-11 & One wire bus Candrian Haris Andrianakis » Thermometer V2.0 candrian/DHT-11 · GitHub (atmel atmega8 @ 16Mhz)
    Measurement of temperature and relative humidity using DHT11 sensor and PIC microcontroller :Embedded Lab


    Embedded ethernet - Dave Horner's Website - yes, it deserves it's own page.

    bluetooth radios - hc-05 hc-06 BlueSMiRF Roving Networks RN-42

    I recently purchased a bluetooth module JY-MCU V1.04 which takes 3.6-6V. very simple to use, provide the voltage, it defaults discoverable, pair pin 1234, connect, go. short the tx&rx pins, and all your terminal output gets echo'd back to you.
    datasheet for HC-03, HC-04, HC-05 and HC-06
    MSP430 LaunchPad: Adding Bluetooth to your MSP430 Project
    Setting Up the BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Module - changing baud rate.
    BlueSMiRF Bluetooth HID Module
    Roving Networks | RN-42
    Raspberry Pi Bluetooth connection with BlueSmirf | Fritz-Hut
    jeffboody/bluesmirf-demo · GitHub
    Bluetooth communication between BlueSMIRF and Ubuntu « Kr3l’s Turf
    Byron's Blog: One board... several firmwares actually the whole blog is great info about bluetooth... Byron's Blog
    Making Things Talk: Practical Methods for Connecting Physical Objects - Tom Igoe - Google Books
    Accessory Development Kit 2012 Guide | Android Developers
    Michael Kohn - bluetooth thermometer
    MarkoeZ' Projects and Blog :: Bluetooth Door Lock
    Serial Bluetooth Telemetry - Documentation - OpenPilot Wiki - Arduino Uno, putty
    btstack - A Portable User-Space Bluetooth Stack - Google Project Hosting
    Wireless Bluetooth TTL Transceiver Module [RF-BT0417C] - $8.95 : MDFLY electronics, Your electronics supplier!
    amarino - Android meets Arduino - Google Project Hosting
    Arduino robot kit – Bluetooth Module ? Ad Hoc Node
    sk3tch/android-arduino-nes-controller · GitHub
    Blueterm code bluescripts:overview [teho Labs Docs] - two java android terminal apps.

    XBee - 802.15.4 radios

    XBee Page - Unofficial XBee FAQ
    Common XBee Mistakes « Rob Faludi, he also has a nice blog with xbee content Rob Faludi
    To Digi Or Not To Digi......No Question: XBee Obituaries: XBee Returns from the Grave!

    CC3000 embedded wifi || CC3200

    they claim they can run for a year on two AA. Wifi on 3volts. WPA2 Personal and Enterprise. hardware crypto TLS1.2/SSL3.0. Cortex M4
    120uA sleep, 37mA Rx listen, with long sleep intervals for always connected.
    4uA hibernate, 95 mSec for secure Wi-Fi connection, 200 mSec TLS connection time.
    CC3000 - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki
    TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi Family
    SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Software Development Kit (SDK) - CC3200SDK - TI Software Folder


    TI low cost 2.4GHz radios with low power requirements up to 500 kBaud. Controlled via an SPI interface.
    CC2500 datasheet
    CC2500 « Electronics projects and kits
    alvarop/msp430-cc2500 · GitHub - CC2500 Radio Library

    CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit (25$)

    CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit - CC2541DK-SENSOR - TI Tool Folder - Bluetooth wireless sensor applications TMP006 IR MEMS temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. Bluetooth 4.0 BLE -Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth LE is only supported in Android 4.3 and later
    Styling Android » Bluetooth LE – Part 2


    CC110L Wireless BoosterPack Code Overview | Matt Cashdollar's Blog
    430Boost-CC110, Wireless Transceiver Module, LaunchPad, Anaren
    Working with Anaren AIR Booster Pack « Flip floP
    Four-Three-oh! MSP430 Forums • View topic - AIR Boosterpack RF spectrum display


    434MHZ radio, ISM band FSK transceiver
    MSPNode board - Norduino wiki
    robomotic/MSPNode · GitHub
    RFM12B-S2 Wireless Transceiver - SparkFun Electronics


    32 bit embedded micro. My launchpad rev a. included a LM4F120H5QR.
    MCU LaunchPad Evaluation Platform | Microcontroller Kit from Texas Instruments for MSP430™ , C2000™ real-time and Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™ microcontrollers
    Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs - Technical Documents - TI.com - app notes, data sheet, userguides, etc.
    Stellarisiti - Stellaris ARM Microcontroller Forum, Projects and News
    Quantum Leaps (QP,QM,Qtools) State Machines Actors Quick start guide - UML-compliant event processor, a portable event-driven kernel, and a tiny preemptive kernel.
    Starter files for embedded systems - LM3S811, LM3S1968, LM3S8962, LM4F120, or TM4C123 microcontrollers and will compile using the Keil uVision4 C compiler. Copyright by Jonathan W. Valvano @ utexas.edu.
    Spoofing Pokémon trades with the Stellaris LaunchPad | Adan's Blog


    16 bit low cost low power microcontroller, $4.30 shipped in development board form with extra MCU! The rev 1.5 launchpad currently comes with a msp430g2553.
    MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit - MSP-EXP430G2 - TI Tool Folder
    MSP430Ware - MSP430WARE - TI Software Folder
    Grace – Graphical Peripheral Configuration Tool - GRACE - TI Software Folder
    MSP430 C/C++ Language Implementation
    SourceForge.net: mspgcc - binutils, gcc, gdb and a lot of other tools for the MSP430 processor.
    MSP430 Launchpad - walk through using mspgcc.
    BSP430: BSP430 Board Support Package for MSP430 Microcontrollers - using MSPGCC toolchain
    MSPDebug - Daniel Beer's MSPDebug.
    MSP430 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430G2) - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki - tutorials on msp-exp430g2
    BoosterPacks - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki - list of boosters.
    MSP430 Tutorials « Flip floP - Suraj's blog content on msp430
    The 43oh Store
    Microcontroller Projects: 16x2 Char LCD with TI MSP430 Launch Pad
    simpleavr - TI LaunchPad / MSP430 Projects
    MSP430 LaunchPad - NJC's MSP439 LaunchPad Blog.
    BoosterPack Design Guide - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki
    BYOB - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki
    openMSP430 :: Overview :: OpenCores - open VHDL msp430
    Downloads from Quantum Leaps - QP/QM state machines RTOS C/C++.
    comSC - comSC is a library containing the low-level routines for the connectionless mode of AX.25 communications written for a Texas Instruments MSP430 microprocessor.
    energia/Energia · GitHub - Fork of Arduino for the Texas Instruments MSP430
    MSP430 Launchpad: LED as PhotoDiode | GuShH's DevBlog - Electronics Engineering, Free circuits, Programming Resources, Web Development.
    MSP430 Microcontrollers: Hacking the Launchpad - element14 - you can grab +5V from the launchpad demo board by a solderable hole (TP1).
    U.S. Water Rockets - YouTube - youtube videos of the msp430 launchpad being used for water rockets and 808 cameras...
    Water Rockets - Water Rockets Blog
    lib430 - MSP430 Code Library - Google Project Hosting - ledfireplace, pcstarter

    MSP430 USB Developers Package - MSP430USBDEVPACK - TI Software Folder - yes that 4.30 board comes with full USB API including HID,CDC,MSC,PHDC classes with a 5k-8k code size 260-698ram.
    BSL (MSP430) - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki - Bootstrap MSP-LaneWestlund/MSPBSL_Library · GitHub
    tinyos-msp430 - TinyOS porting for small MSP430 chips - Google Project Hosting
    MSP430 LaunchPad: NJC's LaunchScope (A LaunchPad Oscilloscope) (NJS's MSP430 LaunchPad Oscilloscope — Gist)
    Nokia LCD + WiiNunchuck with MSP430 | jbremnant's blog

    msp430 timing/RTC/PWM

    MSP430 Timers In-Depth (pdf slides)
    Using the Real-Time Clock Library (pdf) - TI's SLAA290A C RTC library for msp430.
    Using the Real-Time-Clock Library (Rev. A), slaa290a (pdf and code download)
    RTC library for MSP430 | Chronicles by radio XV4Y (French) - sRTCsec.cpp built to be used with Energia. Real-Time Clock (RTC) Library for the MSP430/LaunchPad - Energia - 43oh discusses its use.
    Four-Three-oh! MSP430 Forums • View topic - Flashing the missing DCO calibration constants
    MSP430 LaunchPad: Timers and Clocks and PWM! Oh My!
    MSP430 LaunchPad: Using ACLK and the 32kHz Crystal
    DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC) - Frank Tu's msp430 sample with ds1307

    HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor

    Arduino and HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor - trollmaker.com

    Embedded filesystems

    FatFs - Generic FAT File System Module - FatFs is a generic FAT file system module for small embedded systems.
    Petit FAT File System Module - Petit FatFs is a sub-set of FatFs module for tiny 8-bit microcontrollers.
    suan/Freescale-SD-FAT-Library · GitHub
    sdfatlib - A FAT16/FAT32 Arduino library for SD/SDHC cards - Google Project Hosting

    clock projects

    Electronics - Sunrise alarm clock - MSP430,DCF77 atomic clock, with HD44780 LCD.
    Project: Clock One « t r o n i x s t u f f
    Blinky the one-eyed clock « t r o n i x s t u f f
    Project: Clock Two – Single digit clock « t r o n i x s t u f f
    Project: Clock Three – A pillow clock « t r o n i x s t u f f
    jbremnant/ledclock · GitHub
    3p4w clock - simpleavr

    Optical mouse as CCD camera

    Sprites mods - Optical mouse-cam - Optical mouse cam

    Solenoid motor using VCR head

    solid state switching, photodiode light detection with LM311, trigger TIP120 Darlington transistor driving solenoid.
    ► Solenoid motor on the cheap only using a VCR video head, solenoid and a few electronic components - YouTube - like most cool things, it has no use, and it's a conversation piece. pieces. parts. VCR heads are metal, balanced, and move freely.


    Arduino - HomePage
    S4A - S4A is a Scratch modification that allows for simple programming of the Arduino open source hardware platform.
    SammyIAm/Moppy - Musical controller for an Arduino-floppy drive set up for the Ardiuno.MIDI-IN support,Per-channel output control, multiple Arduinos/MIDI devices
    Arduino Playground - Timer1 - unzip and put the files in Arduino/hardware/libraries/Timer3/
    Floppy Diskdrive pinout diagram @ pinouts.ru

    keithgardner2/sweetChild - sweet sweet child of mine on microcontroller.

    RTOS || Real Time Operating System

    AVIX-RT: Home - arm,microchip,atmel.

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