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The number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected.
--The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June 1972
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Computer Forensics

Thursday, 31 May 2007 16:17
Unixreview - More Forensic Tools
The Sleuth Kit
TestDisk - CGSecurity
Digital Investigation | Digital evidence: if it's there, we'll find it

Data Recovery

Recover Data and (deleted) Partition with Linux from Hard Drives, CD-ROMs or DVDs « sysblogd
Foremost - Foremost is a console program to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures. This process is commonly referred to as data carving. Foremost can work on image files, such as those generated by dd, Safeback, Encase, etc, or directly on a drive. The headers and footers can be specified by a configuration file or you can use command line switches to specify built-in file types. These built-in types look at the data structures of a given file format allowing for a more reliable and faster recovery.

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