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Music is key.

Monday, 07 June 2004 22:38

I've been writing software to manage my huge music collection for years.  Music is a necessity when you work on engineering projects.  Silence just doesn't belong in my office.

Here is some of the software I've released to the public.
My jukebox and request system coming soon!


I didn't really want to hire a DJ for my wedding.  I made playlists and developed a request system.  But I also needed a way for someone to pause and speak announcements over a microphone.  I found a few winamp plugins that were DSP based, but I didn't like the way the audio delayed.  I decided to write a quick app to control the microphone and sound mixer.  I think it works great for simple events when you need to simply talk on the sound system.  Configure it to pause winamp when you talk.  Or configure it to turn down winamp's volume while you talk.  The program runs always on top so that you can navigate your music and control the mic at the same time.  Source for the app is also available for download.  Enjoy.

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