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v3droom - more info coming soon!

Thursday, 01 February 2007 22:26
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v3droom - more info coming soon!
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If you haven't already, please checkout my first prototype project VirtualTelephonyWorld.

More information on my up and coming project v3droom soon.

v3droom will be an open source collaboration and visualization framework. It provides softphone capabilities as well as IVR. It consists of source code, documentation, applications, scripts, and installers for multiple OSs. which provide the needed components.
I will be exposing functionality from many open source libraries, like: python, Ogre3d, freeswitch, libapr, OpenCV, ARToolkit, and more.

I will be developing apis within python which provide extreme extensibility. Change runtime behavior with a simple python script. Go python!

At this time, my company TecDev is providing all the funding for development of v3droom programming, packaging, and support.
If you find v3droom useful in some way. Please consider supporting the project in some way.
All code contributions, feature requests, questions & comments, etc. are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

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