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    C++ boost notes

    Sunday, 02 June 2013 14:00
    C / C++ - libraries, tips, tricks and gotchas - Dave Horner's Website

    Boost C++ Libraries
    Boost Library Documentation - docs for each of the libraries included.
    Boost Library Incubator | Growing New C++ Libraries
    Comparing the C++ Standard and Boost
    Installing Boost 1.53 (Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora) « Particle Physics and Code - includes a quick sample of Boost.MPI.
    Using CMake to build a cross-platform project with a Boost dependency | C++ Rocks
    The C++ and Boost Code Shop: Getting Started with Boost - Boost 1.35 walkthrough
    Using Boost Libraries in Windows Store and Phone Applications - Visual C++ Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    getting boost's architecture right

    c++ - How do I build boost universal libraries for x86 and x64 architecture? - Stack Overflow - Add architecture=combined to build both Intel and PowerPC. Add address-model=32_64 to build both x86 and x64 in one package.
    Developing SQL World: Building Boost 1.34 for x86, x64 and IA64

    The C++ Boost Libraries (Part 1 – Introduction) | Life of Andrew - introduces the boost::logic::tribool with a detectGod(), mad poetry.
    The C++ Boost Libraries Part 3 – string algorithms | Life of Andrew

    troubles compiling boost?

    checkout your bin.v2\config.log file for more details...

    compiling icu4c for use with boost

    ICU - International Components for Unicode
    pypt/icu4c · GitHub - (Unofficial) mirror of ICU for C/C++ (ICU4C), updated hourly from SVN.
    I had some trouble when trying to get regex icu going. As it talks about in Building and Installing the Library - 1.53.0, you'll want to define U_STATIC_IMPLEMENTATION=1 in env and supplying bjam/b2 with define=U_STATIC_IMPLEMENTATION=1 -sICU_PATH=%ICU_PATH%. When building a vs2010 build from within a "Visual Studio x64 Win64 Command Prompt (2010)" cmd.exe, I would have thought that would produce x64 by default when using devenv /Build. It doesn't produce x64, it produces x86 by default when using "devenv icu4c\source\allinone\allinone.sln /Build Debug". To produce a proper x64 build, add a |64 like: "devenv icu4c\source\allinone\allinone.sln /Build Release|x64". You can see if it works by running "icu4c\source\allinone\icucheck.bat x64 Release".

    Also, I had some trouble linking my first app with icu and received an error that looked something like this (shortened a bit):
    libboost_regex-vc100-mt-gd-1_53.lib(icu.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "icu_51::Collator * __cdecl icu_51::Collator::createInstance"
    This let me know I wasn't linking something, but which library had Collator::createInstance defined? To find this out, I went into the icu4c\bin64 folder and ran the following to find the function signature.
    dumpbin /exports * | grep -e createInstance@Collator -e "Dump of file*"
    which shows icuin51.dll defines our missing function. Turns out, the julp/FindICU.cmake cmake rule only adds the uc component by default. To get icuin51.lib in your ICU_LIBARIES variable, you need to pass in the i18n component in the find_package call.
    find_package(ICU 4.4 COMPONENTS uc i18n REQUIRED)

    Then since it ended up giving me shared dlls instead of static libs as I asked, you need to copy the dlls to the same folder as your binary, or put them in a system path. I chose to implement a post_build custom_command to do the copies, a copy_if_different for both debug and release dlls in the cwd of the binary.
    add_custom_command(TARGET YourTargetName POST_BUILD
        COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy_if_different
    Strings - ICU User Guide
    Looking for simple practical C++ examples of how to use ICU - Stack Overflow
    make to ICU static library on windows.
    Releasing Daemons: Getting Boost.Regex + Unicode to work with Microsoft VC++ 2010


    Boost.Spirit - parsing and output generation implemented as Domain Specific Embedded Languages (DSEL) using Expression templates and Template Meta-Programming.
    djowel/spirit_x3 · GitHub - Spirit X3 Experimental


    Boost.Locale: Building The library


    Boost.Regex: Working With Unicode and ICU String Types
    Boost - Users - [regex] Boost.Regex + ICU vs. standalone ICU


    Regular Expression Named Captures in C++ with boost::xpressive | Codemonkey


    Boost.Python. Executing C++ inside a python environment « Particle Physics and Code
    Embedding Python with Boost.Python Part 1
    Building Hybrid Systems with Boost.Python
    Boost.Python rocks ! - nico saw about 25% speed improvement over SWIG. nico authors nlehuen/pytst · GitHub


    Hasn't yet reached shipping status -- as of 1.53...
    Chapter 1. Boost.Log 2.0


    c++ - In Boost::Program_Options, how to set default value for wstring? - Stack Overflow


    Boost.Nowide: Boost.Nowide
    boost-nowide/boost at master · CovenantEyes/boost-nowide · GitHub - A clone of http://cppcms.com/files/nowide/


    HOWTO: Directory recursion in Boost (and other tips) | warpedvisions.org - using recursive_directory_iterator, aliasing namespace fs = boost::filesystem;fs::exists(),fs::is_directory(), fs::current_path()=cwd, fs::create_directories( "xx/yy/zz" ) is equivalent to mkdir -p, fs::change_extension("a.txt", ".tex"),fs::extension(), fs::remove_all()
    The C++ Boost Libraries Part 5 – boost::filesystem | Life of Andrew


    What’s so cool about Boost.MPI? | Dave Abrahams: Home Page


    The Boost Statechart Library - Overview - 1.53.0
    The Boost Statechart Library - FAQ - 1.53.0

    Boost’s Multi Index Containers

    Boost.MultiIndex Documentation - Index - 1.53.0
    Use Boost’s Multi Index Container! | Schneide Blog


    The Boost C++ Libraries Part 4 – boost::date_time | Life of Andrew

    Arbitrary binding pt1 – What is boost::bind and why is it cool? | Crazy Eddie's Crazy C++

    Keyboard History Utility has stopped working || doskey b2 and boost build issues

    Using vs2012 x86 native cmdline prompt, I could not get the boost build to compile. It would continually show a crash dialog...hazah, more fun.
    #6653 (b2.exe crashes a loaded doskey.exe) – Boost C++ Libraries - closed, not sure it should be....agree, the issue is that doskey is crashing.
    #9488 (bjam.exe and doskey not getting along) – Boost C++ Libraries - Check your HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor . I found cygwin places a .bashrc.bat in the user's profile. Deleting this key allowed the build to complete.
    Then, since I have clink installed, it continually displays the clink startup text between each compile-c-c++ line. It would be nice to be able to silence the clink startup text...

    git and boost || Modular Boost

    boostorg/boost: Super-project for modularized Boost

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