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Dart - class based structured web apps compiled to javascript

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 07:50
The Dart platform includes a language, libraries, an editor, a virtual machine (VM) for both servers and browsers, and a compiler to JavaScript.
Dart: Structured web apps | DartLang.org
Try Dart! - right in your browser, no install needed.
japh(r) by Chris Strom - author of Dart for Hipsters

Seth Ladd's Blog - wonderful blog with Dart content.
Pub Package Manager - pub the package manager for Dart.

Dart install on ubuntu

13.10 - How to install google dart in Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu - sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hachre/dart; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install darteditor dartsdk dartium;

examples || other ppl's code

Dartwatch: Community Dart Packages and Examples
dart-samples/dart_io_mini_samples at master · dart-lang/dart-samples
dart_by_example/example/dart_io at master · dart-lang/dart_by_example - best way to learn any language is by reading code...
Seth Ladd's Blog: Forms, HTTP servers, and Polymer with Dart
sethladd/dart-example-form-submit - Web UI form and form submit to a Dart server.
sethladd/dart-angular-polymer-data-binding - A quick demonstration of how to integrate Angular and Polymer at the data binding layer.

Dart Screencasts

Dart Screencasts - Read more about software design and architecture


vsavkin/angulardart-sample-app - Talk to Me Dart and AngularDart example.
angulardart-samples/mini_samples at master · shailen/angulardart-samples

Redstone.dart - Server-side microframework for Dart

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