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.NET Windows Communication Foundation - WCF

Thursday, 28 January 2010 18:58


enterprise usually means WS-* with message integrity.
many are moving to RESTful (Data services) (no wsdl, ws-*)
SSL is point to point, WS-* gives you end to end, so you can have one service call another service with secure communication throughout..
SOA'izing MSMQ with WCF (and Why It's Worth It)
IIS.NET - Article - Writing a Web Service hosted in IIS7
Invoking a WCF Service from a CLR Trigger - The Code Project - C# Database
That Indigo Girl - great blog with WCF content.
Windows Communication Foundation Tools - WCF comes with a lot of tooling...
WCF Synchronization between Desktop and Mobile Applications
Cesar de la Torre - BLOG : Updating data using Entity Framework in N-Tier and N-Layer Applications (short lived EF contexts) - (Part 1) - using EF, you can disconnect from the context, send over WCF, update, send back over WCF, and save to the database.
Choosing the right WCF binding - Soledad Pano's Blog
Kevin@Work: Xaml Serialization with WCF - implements a IDispatchMessageFormatter to do Xaml serialization.

WCF Discovery

Discover a New WCF with Discovery - Release: Discover a New WCF with Discovery - code from MSDN article on WCF discovery.

WCF Tunneling

Socket Tunneling over WCF
Clemens Vasters, Bldg 42 : Port Bridge - WCF built point-to-point tunneling utility.
SocketShifter - The .NET Service Bus provides a way of connecting two endpoints on the Internet using WCF. SocketShifter uses these features to automatically bridge arbitrary TCP endpoints, handling any intermediate firewall traversal.

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