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iTunes and Quicktime SDKs

Tuesday, 23 September 2008 07:28
I wouldn't have thought to actually use the iTunes SDK if it weren't for the fact that something very important is missing from iTunes. The library which does a nice job of organizing your music....doesn't have a feature to delete invalid songs in quantity.

You can select the invalid song and press delete. But this is going to take a long while. I'd really like a way to filter out the invalid songs. Seems to me, I only want to see the available music when my removable music is removed.

Luckily, the internet is here...and the world is filled with SDKs. :)

Download the windows itunes com sdk here:
iTunes COM for Windows SDK License Agreement
Scripting iTunes.. A look at Apple’s iTunes SDK | Tree Rat Fishing

itunes remove invalid from library
The iTunes SDK includes a sample in "samples/RemoveDeadTracks.js" which iterates over your library and removes any tracks that can no longer be found on disk.
Using the iTunes SDK to Remove Duplicate Songs. | Tree Rat Fishing

Apple is nice about distribution of SDKs...here is there download list.
Apple Developer Connection - Development Kits

On MacOSX there isn't an iTunes SDK to speak of....exactly. There is applescript interfaces to automate iTunes. To remove invalid tracks in iTunes on MacOSX, use Super Remove Dead Tracks, it works. :)
Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ? Super Remove Dead Tracks v2.1

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