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The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.
Richard Hamming

Code generation, metrics, and refactoring - staying agile and zen.

Sunday, 30 March 2008 05:27
Code is actually a liability. Code is something you have to maintain. One's codebase defines how they solve problems...

Code can have a definite smell. Sometimes, it can smell very bad. There is an art to crafting a well thought out solution.
Refactoring Manifesto - Because the world needs better code

Code generation

MyGeneration - Code Generation and OR Mapping


Oleg Sych - » Text Template Transformation Toolkit
T4 Editor
Oleg Sych - » Code Generation with Visual Studio Templates
Oleg Sych - blog with lots of info on T4 templates.

Refactoring tools

ReSharper Features - an addin for visual studio.
DevExpress CodeRush - Coding Assistance Add-in (Code Generator) for Visual Studio.
ReSharper vs. CodeRush: Part 1 « Ian’s Blog

Code Metrics

NDepend - Features - gives you a Code Query Language(CQL) to SELECT code metrics from your .NET code.
Sonar - an open platform to manage code quality. Think dashboard with code metrics for all your projects...

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