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IIS - Microsoft

Wednesday, 28 November 2007 02:54
IIS = Internet Information Server
Home : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
BillS' IIS Blog
IIS is in 32-bit compatibility mode
Tip/Trick: Enabling SSL on IIS 7.0 Using Self-Signed Certificates - ScottGu's Blog
Mohammed Jeelani's Blog : Impersonation / Authentication issues when using Integrated Windows Authentication and SharePoint
I got the error: Permission denied: 'GetObject' on localstart.asp...this gives you details on that issue...(don't allow anonymous access)
How to troubleshoot an "HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error" error message
But that didn't resolve all the errors, it then gave me a login dialog, but my normal username/password didn't work...resulting in a HTTP 401.3.
Troubleshooting HTTP 401 errors in IIS
Download details: Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics 1.0 (x86)

Cool new IIS7 Features and APIs - ScottGu's Blog
IIS.net : Administration Pack for IIS 7.0 (x86) : Download : Microsoft Internet Information Services
Windows Web App Gallery - Browse Apps - did you know there was a web platform installer which installs many popular open source projects!?

ASP.NET.4GuysFromRolla.com: Examining ASP.NET 2.0's Membership, Roles, and Profile - Part 1
HTTP handler to combine multiple files, cache and deliver compressed output for faster page load - Omar AL Zabir blog on ASP.NET Ajax and .NET 3.5
CodeProject: 10 ASP.NET Performance and Scalability Secrets.

Geneva / WS-Federation / WS-Trust

www.leastprivilege.com - dominick baier on .net, security and other stuff
thinktecture Starter STS (Community Edition) - Starter STS is a compact, easy to use security token service that is completely based on the ASP.NET provider infrastructure. It is built using the Geneva framework Beta 2 bits and is a self contained web site with passive and active endpoints.
InfoCardSelector - ASP.NET WebControl to easily integrate Information Cards into ASP.NET applications

IIS write permissions who do i give them to?

IUSR, or check your app pool properties in identity tab.

How to install IIS 7.5 on Windows 7 using the Command Line - Habib Heydarian's Blog @ Microsoft - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

IIS 7 & 7.5 don't have JSON support out of box

If you don't go and manually add a mime-type of "text/javascript" you may get the HTTP 403 error. I experienced when messing around with an app that sourced data from static files with the .json extension. Here's Rahul Singla's post that helped me:
ExtJs 4 - Running docs over IIS in Windows | rahulsingla.com

Service WAS was not found on computer .. || Cannot start service W3SVC on computer '.'

I got into this state due to a system restore gone wrong. Just uninstalling and reinstalling "Internet Information Services" is not enough. You also need to uninstall and reinstall the "Windows Process Activation"
iis - Cannot start service W3SVC on computer '.' - Super User
How to Start, Stop, Recycle IIS application pool programmatically?

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