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    moon and stars
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    onomastics (seen in code)

    The man who grasps principles can successfully choose his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.
    --Ralph Waldo Emerson
    \begin{bmatrix} 1 & 0 & \ldots & 0 \\ 0 & 1 & 0 & \vdots \\ \vdots & 0 & \ddots & 0\\ 0 & \ldots & 0 & 1_{n} \end{bmatrix}

    Regular expressions - regex

    Sunday, 10 June 2007 11:44
    code is usually text.
    Parsing code - getting a model view of your source.

    Regular Expression Library
    GotDotNet User Sample: Regular Expression Workbench (V2.00)
    The absolute bare minimum every programmer should know about regular expressions
    The Regulator
    15 PHP regular expressions for web developers
    A regex crossword (PDF)
    JavaScript Regular Expression Enlightenment - Tech.Pro
    Regular Expressions in C++ | Dr Dobb's
    Oniguruma - Oniguruma is a regular expressions library. The characteristics of this library is that different character encoding for every regular expression object can be specified. k-takata/Onigmo
    The true power of regular expressions
    Chomsky hierarchy:
    |                                           |
    |     Recursively enumerable languages      | Type 0
    |                                           |
    |   /-----------------------------------\   |
    |   |                                   |   |
    |   |    Context-sensitive languages    |   | Type 1
    |   |                                   |   |
    |   |   /---------------------------\   |   |
    |   |   |                           |   |   |
    |   |   |  Context-free languages   |   |   | Type 2
    |   |   |                           |   |   |
    |   |   |   /-------------------\   |   |   |
    |   |   |   | Regular languages |   |   |   | Type 3
    |   |   |   \-------------------/   |   |   |
    |   |   \---------------------------/   |   |
    |   \-----------------------------------/   |

    Rx: A Regex Debugger for Perl - Lexical Instrumentation of Regexes by Mark-Jason Dominus
    The Marpa parser Ocean of Awareness
    MarpaX-Languages-C-AST-0.32 - Translate a C source to an AST - metacpan.org - Perl programming language
    REX: XML Shallow Parsing with Regular Expressions
    Regexp::Grammars - Add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes - metacpan.org - adds a small number of new regex constructs that can be used within Perl 5.10 patterns to implement complete recursive-descent parsing.

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