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    our entire universe; minuscule spec in gigantic multiverse which is mostly lethal.

    The number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected.
    --The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June 1972

    Video processing

    Wednesday, 11 April 2007 10:44
    HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder


    Combined Community Codec Pack
    Download Free Vista Codec Package 4.2.3 » My Digital Life
    Huffyuv - a very fast, lossless Win32 video codec with C++ source! - also see Why not use Motion JPEG?
    MP4Cam2AVI Easy Converter | Free Audio & Video software downloads at SourceForge.net - MP4Cam2AVI is a MP4/MOV/M2TS to AVI repackaging tool for digital photo-video cameras, it makes their clips editable in VirtualDub, MovieMaker and other AVI editors. Also it can combine (join) multiple clips from camera into a single AVI movie, preserving audio/video sync. No video recompression (by default), no quality loss, fast operation (5-20x realtime). No installation needed - just download, unzip and run mp4cam2avi.exe.
    ffdshow | Free Audio & Video software downloads at SourceForge.net

    Matroska Media Container - Homepage | Matroska
    KRE Animate.co.uk - MPlayer for Animators - great info on using mplayer to play sequences of JPEGs while playing a sound, mirroring, and encoding. Nice.
    Welcome to virtualdub.org! - virtualdub.org - VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms
    H.264/MPEG-4 AVC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    H264TS_Cutter - H264TS_Cutter is a program to cut and merge AVC / H.264 Transportstreams.
    High Efficiency Video Coding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding — it’s the recently-ratified successor to AVC, otherwise known as H.264. Being the next generation of codec onwards from H.264, HEVC is also referred to as H.265. HEVC can be twice as detailed as video encoded in H.264, or can show the same detail as H.264 at half the file size.
    strukturag/libde265 - Open h.265 video codec implementation.

    FFMPEG and libavformat/libavcodec info

    ffmpeg audio/video manipulation
    Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds
    FFmpeg Documentation
    Using libavformat and libavcodec
    Using libavformat and libavcodec: An Update
    Grafman's FFMPEG Developer Info
    Sönke Rohde » FFMPEG - get FFMPEG going on MinGW.
    Building FFmpeg on Windows HowTo (MinGW)
    Cross Compiling FFmpeg with x264 for Android | Vinsol - Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android Consulting and Development hiteshsondhi88/ffmpeg-android

    CMU 1394 Digital Camera Driver
    FreeJ :: vision mixer

    flip mp4 || ffmpeg flip video upside down

    Rotating videos:
    ffmpeg -i in.mov -vf "transpose=1" out.mov
    transpose parameter can take on the following paramters:
    0 = 90CounterCLockwise and Vertical Flip (default)
    1 = 90Clockwise
    2 = 90CounterClockwise
    3 = 90Clockwise and Vertical Flip
    How to flip a video 180° (vertical/upside down) with FFmpeg? - Super User - -vf "hflip,vflip"(no re-encoding), -vf "transpose=2,transpose=2"

    ffmpeg video clipping

    cut a inputmovie, starting at ss, for duration of t
    ffmpeg -i inputmovie.mp4 -ss 00:00:05 -t 00:00:10 output.mp4

    ffmpeg video cropping

    ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -filter:v "crop=out_width:out_height:xoffset:yoffset" out.mp4

    Scaling (resizing) with ffmpeg – FFmpeg - -vf scale=320,-1 or -vf scale=iw*2:ih
    ffmpeg2theora - A simple command line converter to create Ogg Theora files.

    Video capture

    Dorgem - Open Source Webcam Capture Application
    Fwink - Free Webcam Software
    VideoCapture - A Win32 Python Extension for Accessing Video Devices (e.g. a USB WebCam, a TV-Card, ...)
    HornetsEye - Computer Vision for the Robotic Age - HornetsEye
    SourceForge: camstudio/camstudio: Summary
    Freeseer/freeseer A set of tools designed for capturing presentations. The main tool is capable of capturing VGA output and audio, and mixing them together to produce a video.


    WPF MediaKit - For webcam, DVD and custom video support in WPF - Home
    VIDEOINFO: A DirectShow Blog
    Windows SDK Release Notes
    Mike Wasson's Blog : DirectShow in the Windows SDK for Vista
    Re: Base classes compile problem with Vista SDK - MSDN Forums
    The GMFBridge Toolkit
    CodeProject: DirectShow.NET.
    DirectShowNet library
    SourceForge.net: DSVideoLib
    How to control pan/tilt/zoom on Logitech cameras â?? QuickCam Team
    Mark Schmidt's Abode : C# WebCam User Control Source
    Informikon - DirectShow and C#: The final frontier ;-)
    XNA DirectShow Video Player - Home
    Directshow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC :: Main / HomePage
    Technology Consulting - Making Thumbnails for Videos using DirectShow.NET

    Screen capture / Full system audio capture / sensible-cinema

    Roger's woze Blog
    rdp/screen-capture-recorder-to-video-windows-free - GitHub
    how to use VLC to stream your desktop live (windows) with audio (or stream a DVD) « Roger's woze
    rdp/virtual-audio-capture-grabber-device - GitHub
    Sensible Cinema
    zamples/edit_decision_lists/dvds at master from rdp/sensible-cinema - GitHub - sample edls

    VideoLAN - VLC

    VideoLAN - VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!
    VideoLan DotNet for WinForm & WPF - Vlc.DotNet libraries provide the audio/video control of VideoLan on WinForm (.Net 2.0) or Windows Presentation Foundation (.Net 3.5). Now you can stream audio/video in C# or VB.Net.
    Win32Compile - VideoLAN Wiki - mingw-w64 cross-compilation

    EVR - Enhanced Video Renderer

    enhanced video renderer (EVR) is a component that displays video on the user's monitor (Direct3d &DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA)).
    Enhanced Video Renderer (Windows) - The EVR media sink, for Media Foundation applications. The EVR filter, for DirectShow applications.
    WPF MediaKit: Now with 100% more EVR - WPF Disciples | Google Groups

    Media Foundation

    About the Media Foundation SDK
    Media Foundation .NET - managed api for MF (only works in vista however)
    How to build a DShow Filter in VS2005 for Mobile 5? - MSDN Forums

    WPF and WPF/E video support

    WPF and Silverlight have support for video.
    theWPFblog » WPF Video Filmstrip
    ManagedMediaHelpers - Home - The MediaStreamSource is a piece of the Silverlight runtime that removes a the influence of a media file's container, giving developers direct access to APIs for manipulating encoded elementary audio and video streams.
    WiredPrairie: Extracting thumbnails from a JPEG/JPG in .NET 3.0
    JMPInline: Generating non-pixelated thumbnail images in .NET
    WebCam control for WPF - Release: Initial release
    WPF MediaKit - For webcam, DVD and custom video support in WPF - A library to quickly build DirectShow and MediaFoundation media player controls in WPF. The kit comes with a MediaElement replacement, a VideoCaptureElement for web cams and a DVDPlayerElement that plays DVDs and supports interactive menus.
    WPF Video Thumbnail Screencapture - This project is for getting WPF thumbnails / screen shots from a video clip in both a threaded and non-threaded way.
    LearnWPF.com - Adding Simeltaneous Video Recording + Playback to WPFMediaKit's VideoCaptureElement
    VideoRendererElement - VideoRendererElement allows for high-performance, custom video in WPF. (uses DirectShow)
    .NET Rocker » Blog Archive » Take Snapshots of Videos with WPF
    Clement Nedelcu's Journal: WPF: drawing a video using MediaPlayer, VideoDrawing and DrawingBrush

    Stereo vision

    This really should be on another page, but until I move it...
    Stereo Cameras from Videre Design

    Open Movie Editor
    Multitrack Video Editor Roundup

    Avisynth - an amazing .dll scripting language and a collection of filters for simple non-linear editing tasks. The scripts are viewed from .avs files with any app supporting directshow.

    WiC -Windows Imaging Component

    (doesn't belong here, i'll move it some day)
    Download details: Windows Imaging Component Code Samples and Tools
    Robert A. Wlodarczyk's Blog (MSFT) : Using WPF's InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter
    Robert A. Wlodarczyk's Blog (MSFT) : WPF BitmapSource and GDI+ Bitmap Interop
    Implementing A Custom BitmapSource - Presentation Source - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    Windows Media Format

    WindowsMedia.NET Library - About - access to Windows Media Format functionality from within .NET. Additionally, it provides definitions for the waveIn*, waveOut*, and MMIO* methods of the Windows Multimedia SDK.
    CodeProject: Video File Saving in Windows Media Video Format for the DirectX.Capture Class Library.


    GStreamer: features
    ossbuild - Open Source Software Build Environment - Google Project Hosting - OSSBuild ("oh-ess-ess build") provides a build system that is compatible with the autotools and MS Visual Studio build environments. It is mainly to support GStreamer and its plugins for Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Linux environments.
    GStreamer RTSP server
    RTMPDump - rtmpdump is a toolkit for RTMP streams. All forms of RTMP are supported, including rtmp://, rtmpt://, rtmpe://, rtmpte://, and rtmps://. Also includes rtmpsrv and rtmpsuck.
    GSVideo - A library by Andres Colubri for the programming environment processing. (uses gstreamer)


    (really belongs with my MythTV stuff, but is is video related...)
    MeediOS - The HTPC app of the future
    sourceforge.net MeediOS - MeediOS is and open source Home Theater application based on the closed source Meedio.
    MeediOS - The HTPC app of the future

    animated gif

    I know it doesn't really belong on this page, but I don't want to move it, right now.
    Gifsicle: Command-Line Animated GIFs
    Too bad you have to install the Gimp GAP separate even in version 2.8. I found that version 2.6 of the GAP worked for me. Otherwise, you won't have a video menu.

    GAP-2.6 for Gimp 2.6-Windows by photocomix-resources on deviantART
    GitHub - GNOME/gimp-gap: GIMP Animation Package

    visual quality and sttuufff

    A&E's Technical Guides to All Things Audio and Video (v3)
    AMV Post Production - Visual Quality - Improving Visual Quality and Compressibility for Internet Encoding
    AMV App - basically just a package containing most of the software used in these above mentioned guides.

    blender vse

    VSE & HDR, quick and dirty 8bit « Blender's VSE

    Kdenlive & Media Lovin

    Kdenlive | Free and open source video editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD
    WebHome < MLT < MLT Wiki - Media Lovin' Toolkit (MLT) is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting.

    GSITWiki: Storing Data In Video using zxing - Multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library with clients for Android, Java - Google Project Hosting and Xuggler to store data within video.

    HTML 5 video support

    HTML5 video - Wikipedia
    Video - Dive Into HTML5
    I like to have videos autoplay, but I also understand how they quickly turn into an annoyance, much like a blink tag. Most times, I think the user should have the ability to click the video to pause and restart play of the video. You can see my first HTML5 video post here: Android Programming - Dave Horner's Website, Andy gives you a little wave.
    html5 audio player - jquery toggle click play/pause? - Stack Overflow
    Using HTML5 audio and video - Web developer guide | MDN

    Videogrep: Automatic Supercuts with Python – Sam Lavigne - Videogrep searches through dialog in video files (using .srt subtitle tracks) and makes supercuts based on what it finds. antiboredom/videogrep
    MoviePy — MoviePy documentation - MoviePy is a Python module for script-based movie editing. It enables basic operations (cuts, concatenations, title insertions) to be done in a few lines, and can be used for advanced compositing and special effects. It can read and write to many formats, including animated GIFs.

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