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Mozilla, XPCOM, Rust, and other Mozilla things.

Thursday, 22 March 2007 19:05
Firefox Nightly Builds
Mozilla Labs : TogetherJS

Building PyXPCOM
JSSh - a TCP/IP JavaScript Shell Server for Mozilla

Hosting Mozilla in C# using activeX

Mozilla ActiveX control
CodeProject: Browsers Wrapper ( Mozilla IE ).

mono and gecko

ASP.NET Visual Designer - Mono - AspNetEdit is based on the Mozilla Editor, which it hosts in a Gecko# GTK# widget. A custom Mozilla extension allows it to visualise blocks of HTML emitted by ASP.NET Web Controls as discrete entities, and together with a C++ interop library allows it to be controlled from the C# host.

Rust programming language

The Rust Programming Language
mozilla/rust - a safe, concurrent, practical language.
Featherweight Musings: Rust for C++ programmers - part 5: borrowed references
Why is Mozilla investing in Rust? | Richard Bucker - DSL(domain specific language) is actually being replaced with BSL(brand specific language) and everyone wants to get into the act.
Andrew Gallant's Blog :: Syntax extensions and regular expressions for Rust

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