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    Trac and project management tools

    Wednesday, 25 October 2006 09:44
    Trac is a web resource to manage....

    trac-admin /path/to/myproject initenv
    Installing and getting trac going can take a little time.
    One nice thing I like to do is to use the Doxygen Plugin for Trac
    Add permision to use the doxygen for auth'd users.
    trac-admin /path/to/myproject permission add authenticated DOXYGEN_VIEW
    make all auth'd users - admin user
    trac-admin /path/to/myproject permission add authenticated TRAC_ADMIN

    Trac Hacks
    The Trac User and Administration Guide

    Trac Explorer - that is cool, Trac Integration for Visual Studio and TortoiseSvn.

    Indefero - Code Hosting and Project Management - project attempts to create google code type code management system. Written in php and open source.
    Kiln - Version Control and Code Review Software - ($) hg with web interface for code review/etc

    Code review

    gerrit - Gerrit Code Review - Google Project Hosting - Gerrit is a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system.
    Malevich - a web-based code review system for Perforce, TFS, and more!
    Review Board | Take the pain out of code review
    Codestriker: Homepage
    jupiter-eclipse-plugin - Jupiter is a code review plug-in tool for the Eclipse IDE. - Google Project Hosting
    rietveld - Code Review for Subversion, hosted on Google App Engine - Google Project Hosting
    TeamReview - TFS Code Review
    Barkeep - the friendly code review system - coded in ruby ooyala/barkeep ยท GitHub

    Overview - Redmine - Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework GPL

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