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Artistic Style - don't worry the formatting

Thursday, 24 August 2006 19:58
Code is much like an art form. You structure logical reasoning and raw concepts into textual form. Many times programmers get annoyed when they have to deal with other people's code. You hear complaints all the time about people preferring the brackets this way or that. It's all a matter of preference, and the compiler doesn't mind.

So STOP formatting by hand!

There are tools out there to do the formatting as you would like. Use an editor that helps maintain your coding preferences as you like.

You can go extreme with it, and setup hooks to auto format the code on checkin to your SCM(git/hg/svn/etc). Developers could then also setup code on the client side to format the way they like. To each their own.

The code formatter I use most often is Artistic Style

Code prettifier

Javascript code prettifier
Add syntax (code) highlighting to your Tumblr blog

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