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ImageJ - Java Image Processing

Wednesday, 12 October 2005 15:39
During an image processing class in collage I was introduced to ImageJ and the Java Imaging API. I was surprised with the speed of Java image processing esp. when you think about the virtual machine doing everything (though much of it is native). In any case, after the class I completely forgot about the project. Last week I remembered it and was very happy I did.
I put this page up so that I won't forget about it again. In fact, I may write a few ImageJ plugins for MRI data. (we'll see)

Some resources:
A great online web manual that documents some of the great features of ImageJ can be found here:

Tutorials and papers relating to ImageJ
Preprocessing video sequences for Tracker3D Movement Analysis Software

Cool plugins
ITCN: Image-based Tool for Counting Nuclei - cool research (A Variational Approach to Exploit Prior Information in Object-Background Segregation: Application to Retinal Layers Segmentation)
TrakEM2 - shape data mining and 3d reconstruction.

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