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    our entire universe; minuscule spec in gigantic multiverse which is mostly lethal.

    Which statement seems more true? I have a brain. I am a brain.
    —Douglas Hofstadter

    Photogrammetry / Remote Sensing / Geospatial technology / GIS

    Wednesday, 17 August 2005 19:23

    For those of you who don't know what photogrammetry is.... here are some web references about the subject:

    Introductory Photogrammetry Information

    Introduction to Photogrammetry
    The Basics of Photogrammetry
    Wikipedia's definition of photogrammetry

    Applications of photogrammetry

    Deformation Measurement of Two of the World's Largest Electric Motors
    Fields of Application for Photogrammetry and Imaging in Archaeology
    PhotoModeler's real world usage examples

    Associations and Journals in photogrammetry/remote sensing and related topics

    American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
    ISPRS - International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
    RSPSoc - Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society

    Class material / Tutorials

    Remote Sensing using Microwaves
    Tutorial: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
    Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: A Guide to Good Practice
    GIS Guide to Good Practice
    Photogrammetry - A Practical Guide
    Learning Geospatial Analysis

    Misc Links

    A Guide to Using GIS in Historical Research
    Google's directory for photogrammetry
    O Canada! Canadians and Open Source
    Aviation Formulary V1.43 - Great Circle Navigation Formulae
    Geometric Tools

    Resampling Notes [Local Cache]
    Brandon Lloyd and Parris K. Egbert, "Histogram Painting for Better Photomosaics [Local Cache], in Computer Graphics and Imaging , pp. 174-179, August 12-14, 2002.

    Here is a pretty good page on Photon, Dark, and Bias Noise

    Fundamental Matrix
    Characterizing the Uncertainty of the Fundamental Matrix
    A Robust Technique for Matching Two Uncalibrated Images Through the Recovery of the Unknown Epipolar Geometry

    How to do Normalized Cross-Correlation Fast
    image processing - How do I find Waldo with Mathematica? - Stack Overflow


    Many good papers by Zhengyou Zhang also home @ microsoft
    A Flexible New Technique for Camera Calibration

    Hyperspectrial Imaging
    Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging - Good info.
    ASTER Spectral Library - A open source library of spectral data.
    SPy || Spectral Python

    Existing Systems for creation of airborne othorectified mosaics
    DAIS - A digital Airborne Imaging System

    Some nice tutorials on image stuff.


    WHOI Podcasts
    Deep Sea Photo Mosaicing
    Axis Maps Blog - Cartography. Visualization. Design.
    Making Maps: DIY Cartography | Resources and Ideas for Making Maps

    Map Projection Resources

    PROJ.4 - Cartographic Projections Library
    Geographic Translator (GEOTRANS) proj.maptools.org
    A Polynomial Equation for the Natural Earth Projection (pdf)
    Geo Projections · mbostock/d3 Wiki
    Jason Davies Maps

    Image processing / Projection / Remote Sensing Libraries

    OTB, the ORFEO Toolbox FAQ
    FWTools: Open Source GIS Binary Kit for Windows and Linux
    OGDI - the Open Geographic Datastore Interface.

    A great little resource - MapTools.org
    GeoNames Data Access

    Interesting places on the earth: Marree Man
    A Seamless Global Terrain Model in the Hipparchus System Hrvoje Lukatela, Geodyssey Limited
    Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping Joint Hydrographic Center
    FOSS4G 2007

    Data sources

    Spot Image - FORMOSAT-2 images
    High Resolution Imaging Satellite Systems
    Telascience data feeds.
    Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) - Data/Products
    NGDC 3 Arc-Second Coastal Relief Model
    Downloads | Natural Earth
    TIGER Products - Geography - U.S. Census Bureau - Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing
    Census Dotmap
    Soa constitutions - UK Neighbourhood Statistics
    MapIt : map postcodes and geographical points to administrative areas - UK
    OS OpenData Supply - Download or order Ordnance Survey OpenData - UK
    List of online map services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Landsat-7 Science Data User's Handbook
    How Google Earth [Really] Works
    metaf2xml - parses and decodes aviation routine weather reports (METAR, SPECI), aerodrome forecasts (TAF), and synoptic observations (SYNOP)

    BBC News - Camera infiltrates animal world - cool project where they mount cameras on birds to watch behavior.
    New Scientist - Tool use by shy crows caught on camera

    Celestia - a cool program to view information about the universe.
    ORFEO Toolbox (OTB)

    openModeller - Home

    QGIS Community - About QGIS
    PostGIS : Home
    Aaron Racicot's Reprojected GIS Blog - Getting QGIS to install on windows AND support Python apps

    RAT (Radar Tools) - SAR polarimetry, interferometry, PolInSAR and more
    Shaded Relief - ideas and techniques about relief presentation on maps.
    PerryGeo » GDAL-based DEM utilities
    A Free View of the World -- OpenAerialMap

    regionator - A collection of Python classes and scripts for KML Region tools.
    KML Map Server - turns your UMN MapServer installation in a flexible KML vector and raster data server.
    OpenGTS - The Open GPS Tracking System

    Panorama, Photo stitching, Image matching, blending, fusion

    Enblend/Enfuse - combine images with no seams
    Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher - based on Panorama Tools
    Panini perspective tool | Get Panini perspective tool at SourceForge.net
    Photosynth: A global 3D world on your PC! | Laura Foy | Channel 10
    fxguide - vfx blog - Art of Optical Flow
    Photosynth: A global 3D world on your PC! | Laura Foy | Channel 10


    This really doesn't belong here, but it does include cool renderings of LIDAR data. Radiohead - House of Cards is entirely made up of visualizations of LIDAR data.... source and data are available for download from google code.
    RADIOHEAD / HOUSE OF CARDS - Google Code - making of
    They even have a web 3d viewer that you can use to explore the data.
    RA DIOHEA_D / HOU SE OF_C ARDS - Google Code - viewer (flash)

    Virtual Terrain Project - (uses C++ OSG, wxWidets, GDAL) gathers information and tracks progress in areas such as procedural scene construction, feature extraction, and rendering algorithms.
    vtp - Google Code
    MIT City Scanning Project

    .NET GIS tools

    Geotools.Net - is a set of .net class useful when handling geographic information.
    SharpMap - Geospatial Application Framework for the CLR - Home - mapping library for use in web and desktop applications.
    The Map Guy(de) - great blog with lots of map related info, developer for FDO.
    fdotoolbox - Project Hosting on Google Code - FDO Toolbox is an multi-purpose geospatial tool to create, analyse, process and manage spatial data. It is written in C# and uses the Feature Data Objects (FDO) API (http://fdo.osgeo.org)

    OpenLayers - javascript maps

    OpenLayers: Home
    Linux.com :: Displaying maps with OpenLayersOpenStreetMap - is a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you. OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.
    Main Page - OpenStreetMap
    Plotting yourself on the map - App Center | MDN franciov/geo
    marcoslin/sample-geo-angular - AngularJS version of Geo App by Francesco Iovine.

    GeoDjango - A world-class geographic web framework.
    GeoDjango Installation — GeoDjango v1.1 documentation

    GEOS - Trac - GEOS (Geometry Engine - Open Source) is a C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS). As such, it aims to contain the complete functionality of JTS in C++. This includes all the OpenGIS Simple Features for SQL spatial predicate functions and spatial operators, as well as specific JTS enhanced topology functions.

    PDX API - PDXAPI is a JSON API that provides access to geographic and real time data from Portland, OR.
    gist: 536970 - loads geocouch datasets and visualizes them on an openlayers map. see it in action at http://pdxapi.com/preview.html- GitHub

    SpatiaLite - Sqlite with GIS features

    SpatiaLite download page
    SpatiaLite Resources
    Part 1: Getting Started with SpatiaLite: An almost Idiot's Guide

    OpenPlans | Helping cities work better.
    PLOTS Map Knitter
    Leaflet - a JavaScript library for mobile-friendly maps
    From Shapefile to GeoJSON - Jim Vallandingham
    Visualizing the Racial Divide - Jim Vallandingham - Using d3 and force-directed maps to see the impact of segregation in cities
    Making maps in D3 - Google Drive Slides
    Let’s Make a Map - D3.js and TopoJSON from the creator of D3 Mike Bostock, who has lots of cool examples.

    Cuttlefish: Geographic Visualization Tool - Cuttlefishies produce animated GIFs that reveal the interplay between the diurnal and geographical patterns of displayed data. By showing how the sun's shadow covers the world map, Cuttlefish clearly depicts the time of day at a given geographic region, while moving graphs illustrate the relationship between local time and the visualized events.

    evanmiller/ProjCL Crazy-fast map projections and geodesic calculations - ProjCL is a C interface to OpenCL routines that perform various geographic computations, including map projection, geodesic (distance) calculations, and datum conversion. For projection calculations it is several times faster than Proj.4 on the CPU, and could be even faster on a GPU for large batches but I haven't actually done much GPU performance testing. For datum shifts ProjCL is smarter than Proj.4 because it does some matrix math in advance, and generally faster because OpenCL can utilize all cores and the CPU's vector capabilities.

    earth wind map - a visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers updated every three hours.cambecc/earth Wind Map
    Interactive Stereographic - d3.js & topojson goodness.


    Geohash - Wikipedia written by Labix Blog | by Gustavo Niemeyer
    Geohash Intro | Big Fast Blog-so simple and elegant it makes me glad to be a Software Engineer.

    TileCache, from MetaCarta Labs - TileStache is a Python-based server application that can serve up map tiles based on rendered geographic data.
    TileStache API - TileStache URLs are based on a Google Maps-like scheme:
    Google GeoChart, JSON and Perl | Johnny Morano's Blog
    Planetary.js: Awesome interactive globes for the web - bower install planetary.js
    pycsw • Metadata Publishing Just Got Easier - pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python.
    More with the GDAL/OGR perl bindings | Contour Line

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