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AGI 2nd level AI and singularity

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 00:27
You met me at a very strange time in my life.

Consciousness is ultimately a society of mind. What is your mind? Where is my mind?
#1211 - Dr. Ben Goertzel | JRE Library

You really should listen to Dr. Ben Goertzel on Joe Rogan Experience; some things gleaned from this:
sense perceptions give rise to models of self, body, and the physical world. hypothetical models on top of hypothetical models. Intelligent machines, mind uploading machines, virtual and augmented realities we transform our state of consciousness our understanding of mind and matter -- our experience of our own self. We may question if our self even exists. We understand very little of what we are and what this world is. Upgrading our brains and understanding exponentially working together to upgrade/build this world. Unlocking unusual states of consciousness. Are we simply being controlled by some post-singularity intelligence which provides consistent illusory and implanted memories in your state of mind?

OpenCog Foundation | Building better minds together - No challenge today is more important than creating beneficial artificial general intelligence (AGI), with broad capabilities at the human level and ultimately beyond. OpenCog an open-source software initiative aimed at directly confronting that challenge.

AGI is a hard problem to "solve" and ultimately I'm not sure we can control. AIs depend on statistical learning and provide solutions that ultimately build themselves over time. Generally speaking neural networks and other learning methods provide answers but can't tell you why it came to that answer. A black box that self modifies with respect to the data and training methods. Multi-dimensional data in and domain specific solutions out. OpenCog provides a platform/marketplace for AIs which are open sourced decentralized AIs. AIs self organize AIs which talk to each other in a society of mind. A platform for a society of interacting AI minds, paying and rating each other. AGIs outsourcing intelligent/cognitive loads which are only something another AGI can solve. OpenCog is seeded with AI agents based on the OpenCog platform.

What is your definition of "General Intelligence"? What is the general intelligence core required for 2nd level AI (AGI building AGI)? What level of abstraction is required? How much complexity requires what size implementation? How much creativity or interactivity needs to be demonstrated in your intelligence core?
General purpose and specialized domain specific AIs which might do novel things like draw and count circles or draw and count lines, change the kitty litter box at the most optimal time, or paint like Vincent van Gogh?

When do you think Vernor Vinge's technological singularity will occur? Technological advances so rapidly it appears to happen instantaneously. The first truly intelligent machine will be the last invention that humanity needs to make. I.J. Good's intelligence explosion. nanotech, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, energy technologies, insert advanced technology X which all come together reinforce and self organize to provide radical abundance. A mind without a biological basis. Will we ever get to AGI that simulates the physical world accurately and supports mind/body uploading? Scanning and modeling you in all the ways required to create a realistic simulation just like Peter Pan's shadow and sim·u·la·crum. Similar to you and divergent from you. When developers make a copy of code and make changes that diverge from the original, they call it making a fork of the code. Make a fork of yourself; bi·fur·cate, at what point does the fork represent you sufficiently?

The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity) is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence (ASI) will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.
How many AGI does it take to make an ASI?
How many AGIs does it take to ASI? Or an AGI, and two other statistical learning machines walk into a bar....ASI. Get it? ASI? That joke is ALMOST as good as the door; it's ajar. Get it? It's A JAR. IT'S OPEN!? ASI. Get it? and down the dad joke rabbit hole we go.
Do you believe humans will see the rise of an artificial super-intelligence within your lifetime?

Technological singularity - Wikipedia
Intelligence Explosion FAQ - Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Relational quantum mechanics - Wikipedia - it all requires an observer.
The Problem of Induction (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) - observations we make are able to justify some expectations or predictions about observations we have not yet made, as well as general claims that go beyond the observed.

We are going to find all sorts of interesting things once we hit the singularity.
human level intelligence within the next 5-7 yrs and singularity within decades.
home - Hanson Robotics Sophia (robot) - Wikipedia - the word Sophia means wisdom.

People either have a terrifying dismal view of AGI||ASI or they are excited about the possibility of an amazing symbiotic relationship with synthetic intelligence that transforms us.
How do you feel about sentient conscious intelligence personified?
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