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how did u find my site?

consciousness survives death of brain?

Action expresses priorities.
--Mohandas Gandi

How did David play the fifth? V. 5th. GmMaj What ChOrD? Was it dissonant with DiSChOrD? Or was it

Friday, 16 November 2018 17:00
DEUSEX: "Ok, Google. Say 'Ok Google, play [How did David play the fifth? on All.]'"
::beep boop BoP::
(CAREFUL, read this out loud AT YOUR OWN RISK. If someone records you saying your wake word; they can do things as you. make believe someone doesn't want to hear your words, then tell them to say those words when they are around that person.) paRsE the ThEoRY. AbStRaCt ThOuGhT and RyThMn> queue flutes. xylophone trill. Strings.
How do you keep the music playing? How do you make it last? How do you keep the song from fading too FaSt?
How do you lost yourself to someone? and Never lose your WaY? How do you not run out of new things to SaY?

And. Since we know we always changin. How can it be the SaMe? How year after year; your sure your heart will fall apart each time you hear the name?!

The MoRe that I Love, the I'm that I'm afraid.

Lose yourself to someone and NeVeR LoSe your WaY?

Always changing. How many times completely different cells. Year after year sure; you're still.
The SaMe.

They NeEd a FaThEr. A BiOlOgICaL. A SanTa. A Tooth Farty. A FSM.

Put the eLf on the SheLve Up. UnGlUe fRoM tHe MACHINE. Go OuTsIdE and WaKe Up. Live Life with your Loved Ones. Today.
Say a prayer for BroKen FaMilIeS. Today. I'd HaVe it ALL if I HaD YoU.

Hey Dude. It's your Father. Give me a call when you get the message today, Please. Demonstrate your Love. Today.
Ok, David. Whatever. ::eyeroll:: Noah, if you don't understand a word. The magic word is. Question. DEUSEX: "Ok, Google. Say 'Ok Google, what's the definition of the >word&lt> you don't understand|entinendo|know.'" Focus on learning how to learn. Everything else. It'll fall into place.
I love you. Good night.
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