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The Big Lebowski - dude.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008 07:10
I have a great love for the movie The Big Lebowski (1998). Dude is a term most don't self apply. The dude is a lazy and profane man. Someone gliding through life. Carpet pissers pee on your rug. Which really tied the room together. But the dude, remains the dude. So fuck it. Lets go bowling.

I think I've watched the movie more than I'd like to admit....it really grew on me.

The Lebowskifest
I've even done the Lebowski Fest two times now. Once in 2003 and now in 2008. Both times were a blast.

Theres something about getting together with a bunch of people celebrating the movie. Even get a few games in. :)

They also now have a documentary movie about it...
The Achievers Trailer 2

Which was awesome to see... because I actually bowled with this couple that night in 2003! Though I didn't get a chance to see Andy in 2008. I dig their style.

The lebowskifest is about the people that go to it...more than anything else. It is about the people who love to quote the movie and dress up to recreate it for a night. It is also about the Lebowski Fest Forum. Where people quote the movie ad infinitum and make friendships. Good stuff.

Lebowskifest 2003
I need to get this pics.
Lebowskifest 2008
Cool pictures/stories from the fest.
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