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Google - keeping an eye on the big guy.

Thursday, 01 November 2007 02:14
Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday
The Tools Google Uses Internally
Google Web Elements - embed google features in your website.
Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML) - Import Your Mail into GMail - awesome tool, uses python and tcl
Using Google Public DNS - Google now provides free public DNS name resolution! * *

Google Canary Development || Chromium development

Debugging Chromium on Windows - The Chromium Projects
Build Instructions (Windows) - The Chromium Projects
6/3/14 - canary builds now include x64 support. check to see if chrome canary is x64 by checking in task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc). Make sure the chrome process isn't showing a *32 at the end.
dnschneid/crouton - Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment.
Random ASCII | Forecast for randomascii: programming, tech topics, with a chance of unicycling
Compiler Bugs Found When Porting Chromium to VC++ 2015 | Random ASCII

chromecast audio && chromecast

Google Cast extension - Chromecast Help - u need this to get the chromecast options within chrome...
Cast  |  Google Developers

Tab restore in chrome

Chrome's tabbed browsing is quite nice and works as it should most of the time. But there are times when your machine reboots (blue screen like) and your saved session is lost. They do save your last session, but they do not offer the ability to save off a number of sessions so that my 100+ tabs are not lost when google fails to sense a crash and restore properly. If you in haste, open and close your chrome; your tabs are lost in the ether. this actually, is very frustrating.
How Can I Restore Closed Tabs After Accidentally Quitting Chrome?

Polymer - pretend you're living in the future

Polymer - pretend you're living in the future - Dave Horner's Website


Content moved to Android Programming

Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google web toolkit - compiles java into javascript which runs on web browser.
Google Web Toolkit Downloads - Google Web Toolkit - Google Code

Google gears - portable javascript database.

Google Gears - provides offline support (open source - OSX,Linux,Windows)
SQL interface available in javascript client (Sqlite with full text searching).
Resource store - cache that handles http://xxx/ requests when offline.
Worker pool threads for javascript!
Internet Explorer ActiveX - Firefox extension - Apple Saffari
Used within google reader and google mail for offline support.
Wow! Look, google gears goes mobile with windows mobile 5 & 6!
Official Google Mobile Blog: Shifting Google Gears to mobile
Google Gears on Mobile Devices - Google Gears API - Google Code
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Google Gears - Maybe all Rich Internet Applications needed was Local Storage and an Offline Mode
Sample Applications - Gears API - Google Code
Getting Started - Gears API - Google Code
Silverlight + Google Gears = Awesome! at least in Firefox - Joe Audette, MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE
gearsonrails - Google Code - A Google Gears plugin for Rails applications
Google Code Blog: Gmail for Mobile HTML5 Series: A Common API for Web Storage
webstorageportabilitylayer - Google Code - Portable database access using Gears or HTML5 databases
Geolocation API - Gears API - Google Code

Google's new chatback feature is very cool! I've integrated it with my site, and already had one comment on the site through it! Increases collaboration with the author and the visitors to your site. I am interested to see how often I have to disable chatbacks due to spam. Seems like the system could be exploited, but I'm sure they have/are working on that.
Google Talkabout: Google Talk chatback

Google contacts api

Contacts Data API - Google Code
Google Data APIs Client Libraries - Google Data APIs - Google Code
SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Service for Google Apps - Google Apps APIs - Google Code
Official Google Data APIs Blog

Google app engine

Write code and let google run it for you!
Google App Engine - Google Code
Applications Gallery - Google App Engine - Google Code
Integrate and Extend with the Google Apps APIs - Google Apps APIs - Google Code
The Django Form Validation Framework on Google App Engine - Google App Engine - Google Code


I really like gtalk. I love that it uses XMPP which is open. I love that it is integrated into gmail. But I wish that I could make the gtalk status push to other social networks. At this time, I don't see a webservice to poll the gtalk status. However, you can create a gtalk badge which you can use to scrape the status. Then the issue having to schedule a task on some machine to poll gtalk for the current status message and push it to the other social networks.....
Google Talkabout: Twittering with Google Talk
Coactlab: Google Talk Status to Twitter

Aalaap.blog: How to get your Google Talk status into Twitter - interesting uses yahoo pipes and friendfeed to sync gtalk status messages.

GmailSync - Free automated backup solution using Gmail - Nauman Leghari's Blog

Google Code Blog: Native Client: A Technology for Running Native Code on the Web
nativeclient - Google Code

AJAX APIs Playground - great place for samples.

Google Voice

Where's this at people?! :)
Google Voice Add-on Development « Post Topic - Open For Discussion
tempire/perl-google-voice · GitHub - Perl module to interact with Google::Voice

Google Wave

Waiting for entry...looks very nice.
Google Wave: Google Tries to Reinvent Email - includes g2 video on it...
Google Wave API - Google Code
Introduction ?(Google Wave Federation Protocol)?
Google Wave Developer Blog: Introducing the Google Wave APIs: what can you build?

OAuth - google authentication

Official Google Data APIs Blog: OAuth Playground: Open-sourced
OAuth Playground
User-Managed Access (UMA) Profile of OAuth 2.0
OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) TC | OASIS

Chrome stuff

ishpreetgill/TabCount - GitHub - cool small extension! Shows number of tabs. written using javascript, html, and JSON manifest. :)
Developer's Guide - Google Chrome Extensions - Google Code
[chrome] Index of /trunk/src/chrome/common/extensions/docs/examples/api
Windows - Google Chrome Extensions - Google Code
Background Pages - Google Chrome Extensions - Google Code
There is nothing more frustrating than a reboot caused by an unknown error. With tabs and restore, usually you can assume a good portion of your working links are safe... But then chrome crashes once again, and the tabs are gone the next time you launch. Sad face.
Technical Programming and Design: Google Chrome Session Restore web-application parsing corrupted Session Restore Files - Blogging on Programming, Science and Code Snippets
Chrome Session and Tabs Files (and the puzzle of the pickle) | Digital Investigation
ccl-ssns - Python module for parsing Chrome session files (Current Tabs, Last Session, etc.) - Google Project Hosting
chrome://chrome-urls/ - list of all the special urls in chrome.
Oh, I love the tab sync across multiple devices. I myself think there should be a url for the recent tabs on other devices... But I can't seem to find one. Chrome hamburger menu -> Recent tabs.
linux install of chrome can be as easy as downloading the deb/rpm file from the Chrome Browser website. You can also use a PPA to install chrome:
$ sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list'
 $ wget -q -O - https://dl-ssl.google.com/linux/linux_signing_key.pub | sudo apt-key add -
 $ sudo apt-get update
 $ sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable

Of course chrome has it's benefits, including built in flash support, which comes in handy on some websites...

Chrome itself will add custom search keywords when browsing websites. This can actually lead to omnibox search redirection to malicious websites if you're unlucky enough to hit a malicious website that looks like a search provider. I was experiencing some issues and I had to remove all of the other search engines in my browser to get it to not redirect to the malicious website, (the listing of the other search engines does not provide the list of keywords for each engine)
To remove all the search engines, run this in the console window of the settings->manage settings
    .then(function (val) { 
        val.others.forEach(function (engine) { 
Then you can install the extension Don't add custom search engines - Chrome Web Store which will stop additional custom search engines from being installed again, and even alert you when a website search engine would be installed otherwise. br/>
One of my favorite extensions is:Tab Title Search - Chrome Web Store it lets you alt-G and search your 100+ tabs for a specific word, a must have!

Google reader

Official Google Reader Blog: Follow changes to any website - did you know that google reader will change track websites without rss?
GoogleReaderAPI - pyrfeed - This is a RSS/Atom Reader and Framework. It use GoogleReader as a storage database. - Google Project Hosting
pyrfeed - This is a RSS/Atom Reader and Framework. It use GoogleReader as a storage database. - Google Project Hosting
Martin Doms : Using the Google Reader API – Part 1
Google closes reader July 1st 2013....just cause.
RSS Rich Site Summary
Feedly is the reader replacement. Boo to Google for dropping Reader!
How to add Feedly to the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) | MASHe

Go programming

Go gopher - Dave Horner's Website - yes, Go gopher deserves a page of it's own too.

Rel="Author": How To Implement Google Authorship Markup


Inside AdSense

Google Analytics Tracking

Tracking Code: Basic Configuration - Google Analytics — Google Developers
Event Tracking - Web Tracking (ga.js) - Google Analytics — Google Developers

Am I opt'ing out?
Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking for dave.thehorners.com - it will set a long lived cookie indicating no tracking data will be sent. I use it to remove my personal browsers from data collection.
Opt back in.

Google Charts - Google Visualization API

Google Visualization API Reference - Google Charts — Google Developers
Data::Google::Visualization::DataTable - Easily create Google DataTable objects - metacpan.org - Perl programming language
Count new Pause IDs - nice example from sheriff using Data::Google::Visualization::DataTable, mapping months and years over the perl.modules group urls. getting those urls with LWP::Simple and matching with m/Welcome new user/g. Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids | Ron Savage [blogs.perl.org]

Google Ngram Viewer - a tool that shows how prominently a given phrase appears in English print over any period of time.

Google App Engine

ronjouch/dailygrooves - python

Google Cast SDK

Casting Your Content to the Big Screen - Google Cast — Google Developers
googlecast (Google Cast) github

Google Drive SDK

Google Drive SDK — Google Developers

Gmail API || Gmail REST API

Gmail API — Google Developers

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