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Accessibility and ergonomics

Sunday, 19 February 2006 14:29
Microsoft Active Accessibility - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Microsoft UI Automation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Victor Tsaran: "An Introduction to Screeners - Yahoo! Video

New keyboards on the market! 

TypeMatrix is a keyboard that shifts the keys to be aligned.  This seems like a nice idea... but I don't know how it would feel... and I'm not going to throw 100 bucks away without trying it.  Here is a video showing how it is designed.

The other keyboards I am interested in are the:
Razer Tarantula
Logitech G15

I'm really excited for OLED keyboards. Going to change the way we use the computer. Optimus

A good chair is something that I have neglected on for some time. Ergonomic chairs are getting reasonable to buy and their value is amazing. I love my ergohuman chair.

These guys make some very cool rad desks

Desk Lifting Systems/Desk Lifter/Desk Raiser/Sit to Stand Desk
Levitech Ergonomic Retrofit Hand Crank Hydraulic Lifts - Ergosource
Electric Hydraulic Lift Systems - Ergosource


Ergotron: LCD Mount, Monitor Arm, Healthcare Computer Cart, TV Wall Mount, Laptop Stand and Medical Cart Solutions

One thing that I do not enjoy about programming is all the sitting you do while doing it.
Computer Stretch Exercises
UVA/EHS - Ergonomics Program - Stretch Breaks

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