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    J2ME,GPS, touch displays, fast comm - some cool stuff comin!

    Wednesday, 11 January 2006 15:40
    lately I've been looking at the boost mobile phones for use as a GPS tracking device.  Much like a lo-jack for your car.  Simply sign up for the prepaid phone with internet access... install a java app and instantly you've got GPS coordinates accessable on a website.

    Below are some links I've been reading lately.

    Targeting GPS - Integrating J2ME, GPS, and the Wireless Web
    Some information on J2ME

    Boost Mobile's iDEN phones

    Mologogo a program to GPS coordinates to a webserver.
    USB Drivers for moto phones
    WebJal - program for transferring java apps.
    iDen developer program

    Mapping program does not support GPS reading at this time.
    Another service like mologogo
    Simple J2ME NMEA parser

    Mobile GMaps - allows you to view maps from J2ME!
    Here is a little information on the GPS stuff.
    Wiki page on Geographic coordinate conversion.
    A degree converter.

    Looking for information on development using J2ME?
    Check out Bill Day's J2ME Archive
    Here's a good article on developing J2ME apps that work with SMS  Extend J2ME to Wireless Messaging.
    Another good source about SMS stuff is MIDP Push using SMS
    Motorola has a website devoted to open source java software:

    July 16th, 2006 Looks like mologogo may be the way to go! I hear they have a new interface to allow you to have them stream the GPS data to your servers on the net. So I'll be doing some more research into this area.

    Also another cool thing coming is the Windows Mobile version of this great application! Mologogo Windows Mobile Client Alpha

    Once I figure out how all this java stuff works on mobile devices. Here are some java midlets I'm interested in:
    Virca IRC MIDlet

    Update: July 30th, 2006
    YAPL: Yet Another Payphone List - found this cool little site today, it is very neat. People upload information on where are the pay phones are in your town. Things like GPS, incoming call number, and information about the phone are provided. Neato stuff.

    Also I've been thinking about creating some software to allow you to annoate a road with information in realtime in the car. That way you could do something like associate speed limit information with road information and tie it all together with GPS location information.

    Here is some information on the GPS to road problem I've been researching since none of the mapping APIs provide this functionality.
    A Weight-based Map Matching Method in Moving Objects Databases
    TrafficView: How Far Can You See?

    The GPS Advantage - GPS from the point of view of a hunter.
    Automotive navigation system

    One thing that I've been really looking for is the ability to give a web service or local database a GPS reading and have it give me back the closet road that the car is on... or the nearest intersection. There really should be an open source system for this, as it would be advantgeous for everyone doing anything with location, presense, augmented reality, and navigation.

    GPS Visualizer: Do-It-Yourself Mapping
    How to make your own Google Map to show where your visitors are from

    Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey
    MQTTitude: a decentralized 'Latitude' with 'MQTT inside' - binarybucks/mqttitude MQTTitude is an app (well, two apps actually -- one for Android, and another for iOS), which allow a device to periodically publish its location status to an MQTT broker. If you've previously used Google Latitude, you can think of this as a a decentralized Google Latitude.

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