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My precious monitors

Thursday, 27 October 2005 19:28

Ok, so never in my life would I have thought I could love some monitors so much....

This year for my birthday and christmas I got two 24" high-def LCDs from Dell.  The model number is 2405fpw. Every place I read about the monitor gave it rave reviews. [Heres one from PCWorld, another from PCMag]  In fact, I've read that this monitor has enough contrast that radiologists are starting to pick them up.

Some of the highlights of the monitors are that they are 1920x1200, high high contrast 1:1000, DVI & S-Video & Component & Composite, built in USB and 9-1 card reader, rotates back-forward-sidetoside, adjusts up and down, and did I say 1920x1200!  : - P

So maybe I'm just a little excited.

For me it is great because lately I've been working on image resampling and I was getting tired of my old KDS CRTs that were always blury and everything seemed shifted.  The picture is very sharp and I haven't found a single dead pixel on either of them!

Also, since they rotate, I've got one rotated for full size webpage viewing and the other is horizontal for coding.  With these monitors I never have to worry about scrolling side-to-side within my development IDEs!

Here is a quick pic of how they are setup.

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